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Where Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen Most?

Where Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen Most?

As winter is approaching, we know many motorcyclists are sadly parking their bikes to avoid the less-than-ideal weather. While we know it can be tough for motorcyclists to hang their helmets for the winter, it is a smart thing to do. In fact, regions and states with warmer weather climates tend to see more motorcycle accidents and injuries due to longer riding seasons. So while it may seem like a bummer being in a state with winter weather, motorcyclists are statistically safer. 

Various studies have been conducted to observe the overall patterns of motorcycle accidents and injuries. Let’s take a look at where and when motorcycle accidents happen most in hopes this will help you avoid risk and injury in the future. 

Location Matters

Urban Vs. Rural Motorcycle Riding

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),  60 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes occurred in urban areas, and 40 percent of motorcycle crashes occurred in rural areas.

Urban areas have significantly more traffic, which would naturally increase the risk of motorcycle crashes. Urban areas also have increased pedestrians, bicyclists, emergency vehicles, potholes, or road hazards, all of which raise the chances of abrupt stopping, swerving, and crashes. 

Intersection Vs. Non-Intersection

The NHTSA also reported that only 35 percent of the crashes happened at intersections. The majority of motorcycle crashes occurred on parts of roadways other than intersections. 

This may seem surprising, but it may come down to speed. At intersections, motorcyclists and drivers are traveling slower and preparing to stop more often. On open roads, motorcyclists and other drivers are traveling at much higher speeds and any necessary stopping may be unexpected. 

Interstate vs. Non-Interstate Roads

The same NHTSA data revealed that 91 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes happened on non-interstate roads. As many motorcyclists ride to enjoy the landscape, at least in part, rather than out of the need to get to their intended locations quickly, they may be more likely to frequent non-interstate roads. 

Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. To find out more, speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer near Hamilton Ohio. The Richards Firm is experienced in representing victims in truck, car, and motorcycle accidents and helping injured people recover what they are entitled to.

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