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My Insurance Won’t Cover My Injuries

Insurance is something we all pay for regularly but hope we’ll never need. When problems arise, we expect to be covered. That means providing compensation for hospital bills, car repairs, home repairs, theft replacement, and more.  

When you file a claim with your insurance company, a claim will be created and the insurance company typically sends a claims adjuster to investigate the claim. If the adjuster finds that your case is valid and falls within your insurance policy, you may be offered some compensation on your claim. 

And yet, that’s not always what happens. An insurance company might cover part of your expenses, but not all of them. Other times, the insurance company might deny your claim outright leaving you with a very large bill that you cannot afford.  

Why Would an Insurance Company Deny a Claim? 

In the case of an accident, insurance companies rely on a myriad of reasons to deny the claim. The insurance company may claim that you could have avoided the situation and/or that it resulted because of actions you took. In the case of the bodily injury claim, an insurance company may claim that you were already injured and offer you less as a result.  In other words, the insurance company will put the blame on you and deny responsibility on that basis. 

If you don’t make your claim immediately, your provider may say you waited too long. Of course, there could be a number of reasons why you don’t immediately make an insurance claim after an accident or injury. Symptoms and conditions may take a while before they develop. You also may not have known the proper protocol and tried to persevere through the pain without medical intervention. 

Regardless of the circumstances, if you’ve been in an accident, and you have insurance for that type of situation, you should be receiving coverage.  If someone else caused your injuries, you are entitled to a recovery. 

What to Do When Your Claim is Denied 

If your claim is denied, it’s important to follow up immediately and try to find out the specifics of why.  Ask the insurance company to put its reasoning into writing. It’s also very important that you speak to a legal professional right away. An attorney will have a full understanding of your rights and what are viable grounds for denying a claim. 

Insurance of any type can be very complicated, and you need someone knowledgeable to help you navigate it if you want to receive the coverage you’re owed. 

At The Richards Firm, we provide services for those who have been denied coverage by an insurance provider. It is our mission to make sure that the needs of any individual don’t get overlooked or pushed to the side. For a personal injury lawyer in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Hamilton, or the general Southwestern Ohio area, contact The Richards Firm today. 

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