Rhys Richards Voted in as 2nd District OAJ Trustee

The Richards Firm is proud to announce that Attorney Rhys Richards has been elected to serve as the 2nd District Trustee on the Board of the Ohio Association for Justice. Rhys will work with the officers and other trustees to preserve the constitutional right and protect access to the civil justice system for all Ohioans as provided for in the Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

OAJ exists to preserve the constitutional rights of Ohio residents while advocating for civil justice. This aligns with The Richards Firm’s goal of making the legal system more accessible to those suffering from injury or a wrongful death in the Hamilton/Cincinnati area. 

As a trustee of the OAJ, Rhys will be able to not only help protect the civil liberties of his clients, but also the rights of Ohioans across the state.  

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