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Mass produced products are a part of Americans’ daily lives. We travel to work in mass-produced vehicles. On the way, we might stop by a chain restaurant and purchase some of the mass-produced consumables they offer. Throughout our day, we’ll communicate over mass-produced smartphones and computers.  

Mass-produced items offer a lot of convenience. Unfortunately, this convenience too often comes at the cost of safety 

All it takes is a minor oversight, moment of indifference, or cost savings decision to cause any of those products to become incredibly dangerous. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by a product due to the negligence of the manufacturer of a product, you need legal representation. At The Richards Firm, we provide legal representation for those filing claims against companies that manufacture products that injure or kill people.  

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When Do You Need a Liability Attorney?

Companies who designmanufacture, and distribute goods have a responsibility to consumers like us to ensure that their products and services meet established principles of safety and qualityThat includes meeting design requirements and passing quality-control testing that ensures no defective, dangerous, or otherwise harmful goods enter the market. Any potential risks must be clearly labeled with warnings that are easy to read and understand. 

If you or a family member have suffered injury in the Hamilton, Ohio and surrounding area due to a company failing to do this with a product that you have purchased, contact us right away. 

Liability issues are often misrepresented, with blame being directed towards the victim. This is often due to lobbying and behind-the-scenes influence from the corporations at fault. One of the most infamous examples is a case from the 90s where a woman sued McDonald’s after spilling hot coffee on herself.  

What many don’t know is that the woman (who was 79) suffered third degree burns throughout the lower half of her body that required skin grafts, leaving her permanently disfigured and partially paralyzed. This was due to the fact that the coffee served to her was nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit. To make matters worse, McDonald’s had actually received countless complaints of similar incidents for decades beforehand yet took no action and knowingly continued a dangerous business practice. 

If you don’t take legal action when you’re injured by a product, not only will you be forced to cover your own medical expenses, but also the company responsible will continue to put people’s lives at risk. Product liability lawsuits exposed the dangers of products like the Ford Pinto, Takata airbags, and Firestone tires, not to mention countless harmful medications.  

Time and again, it’s been shown that the companies knew the risks and they ignored the warnings often to increase profits. 

If you’ve fallen prey to a faulty product, The Richards Firm is here for you. As your liability attorney in Hamilton, Ohio, we will work tirelessly to identify design or manufacturing defects, as well as failures to warn or instruct you of a product’s intended function, manner of use, or inherent risks. You don’t owe us anything unless you win your case. 

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