What to do After a Dog Bite

If you or a loved one has been bitten and injured by a dog, it is important to take immediate action. Take it from a liability attorney in Hamilton, Ohio, how you react in the event of a dog bite can make a big difference in preventing complications down the road. 

With that said, here is a quick guide to the 5 things you should do following a dog bite accident.

  • Seek Medical Attention

Of course, the first priority should be the health and safety of the injured party. Whether it is yourself or a loved one that was bitten, a dog bite injury should be taken seriously. Even when it doesn’t look bad, if a dog bite has broken the skin, you should seek medical attention. Dog bites are highly susceptible to infection if not cleaned and cared for properly. 

  • File a Report

Many people skip this step or don’t think to contact the local dog warden and/or police. You should contact both. Bringing the police to the scene can help confirm details of the incident and ensure the dog is contained to prevent further injury. The dog warden may also be able to confirm if that dog has bitten before.

  • Inform the Dog Owner

If the dog owner is not involved in the incident, it is important to inform them. They should be made aware that you have been bitten by their dog and that you are seeking medical attention. Get their contact information if you don’t already have it and let them know you will follow up with them. It can also be helpful to obtain any vaccination records from the dog owner. 

  • Gather Evidence

Take pictures of the scene where you were bitten as well as the wound from the dog bite. It can be helpful to take a picture of your wound every few days to monitor the healing process. 

  • Talk With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before you proceed to talk with insurance companies it can be helpful to seek guidance from a personal injury lawyer that can be on your side. The insurance company will have an adjuster work with you to negotiate a settlement. Often, hiring a lawyer to handle your side of the negotiation produces a much better result. Contact The Richards Firm today for a free consultation.

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