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What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

You have likely seen the TV advertisements or billboards inviting those who have suffered an injury due to a certain product or company to join a class action lawsuit in order to receive compensation. 

Have you ever paused to ponder, what is a class action lawsuit? 

“A class action is a legal proceeding in which one or more plaintiffs bring a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, known as the class. Any proceeds from a class-action suit after legal fees, whether through a judgment or a settlement, are shared among all members of the class.”

Class action lawsuits are filed for many different reasons but usually are necessary when one perpetrator has caused difficulties or injuries to a wide range of people. More often than not, they include companies who have acted negligently in some way causing injury to many people. 

The biggest difference between a class action lawsuit and a personal injury lawsuit is the number of people involved. In a typical personal injury case, we generally only have one client. We have represented multiple people relative to a particular incident, but that’s somewhat rare.  In a class action lawsuit, a lawyer is recognized by the court to represent an entire group of people. 

This can come with some pros and cons. 

Pros Of Joining A Class Action Lawsuit

Class actions can allow many people to pursue a common goal at lesser expense to each of those persons.  They can also help to ease the burden of numerous litigations on the court system.

Cons Of Joining A Class Action Lawsuit

When compared to a regular personal injury or liability claim, a class action lawsuit is likely to take much longer to reach a resolution given so many plaintiffs and specialized processes involved.

Liability Attorney in Hamilton Ohio

If you have been injured at the hands of a large corporation or company that may have a class action lawsuit against them, we advise you to speak with an attorney in Hamilton Ohio before making any decisions to move forward. While The Richards Firm does not handle class actions, we can help you find the right attorney for your situation. 

If you have questions regarding personal injury or liability claims, We can be reached at 513-868-2731, ext. 219 or visit us at  

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