The Richards Firm’s Trip Down Memory Lane: The Hamilton Edition

Fellow cinephiles of a certain age may have enjoyed Showtime’s recent offering of the Indiana Jones slate of movies. This Halloween, plenty of you also thought that the classic fedora, leather jacket, work boots, and whip made for the perfect costume.

For us, the third Indiana Jones installment triggered a trip down memory lane of growing up in the Hamilton area. Sure, some might argue that Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade should have remained the last movie in the best trilogy ever, and they very well could be right. To us, that movie brings back a fond memory of watching it in theater at the now defunct Cinema West.

We will not get into how old we feel knowing that Cinema West, Danbarry, and several other local theaters of our youth are either gone or renamed. We also will not get into how we were allowed to watch a PG-13 movie in theaters when we were younger than 13. As Hamilton adds more new restaurants, shops, and other businesses, our firm appreciates the return of multiple options for activities in the area.

In recent days, Lucasfilm announced that the untitled Indiana Jones sequel set to open next year was being reset for release June 30, 2023. Harrison Ford, who is apparently every bit as tough as the character that he is arguably best known for playing, is rumored to have injured a shoulder while rehearsing and has been seen wearing a cast.

For some fans, that means even more time before a new sequel will have the chance to supplant the 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in their memories. For The Richards Firm, we will continue to cherish the memories of watching great movies in old Hamilton theaters until we get so old that we cannot remember and need “The Way Back Machine” on the Internet to jostle memories.

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While we get back to personal injury law where we belong, we recommend that you try any of the Hamilton restaurants and stop by the other businesses along Main and High Street not far from where Cinema West was located.

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