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The Most Important Thing You Can Do After a Truck Accident

In the aftermath of a truck collision, the scene is almost always chaotic. As the victim of any collision, your goal should be to do everything within your power and ability depending on your injuries to gather as much information as possible. At the scene, you should take photographs of the vehicles and the scene itself. You should also obtain names and contact information for any witnesses. Generally speaking, any number of entities will show at the scene, not the least of which is local law enforcement. You can still help yourself by obtaining as much information as possible.

Unfortunately, we know that when you are involved in any type of vehicle accident your top priority is not going to be gathering evidence. You should always prioritize your health and safety. And if you are unable to gather additional information, that doesn’t prevent you from filing a personal injury claim.

For purposes of this blog, we’ll focus on gathering witness information.

Witnesses can be just as crucial for a personal injury case as police reports and medical records. Truck accidents tend to draw many witnesses as they involve large vehicles and usually affect many drivers on the road.

We certainly have handled cases where our clients indicate that someone witnessed the collision, but they failed to get their contact information. Without the name, address, and phone number of the person who was at the scene, the odds of that witness being found are slim and none. A jury may have a difficult time believing your version of events without that witness.

Witnesses become especially important when another driver changes his or her story after the fact, turning things into a he said, she said type of situation. We have certainly encountered in our years of representing injured people. Insurance companies will latch onto any change of story from their insureds that will justify denying your claim. In some cases, both parties to a collision genuinely believe what they saw even if both stories cannot be true simultaneously.

That’s why a witness can be so critical. They provide strong, unbiased evidence.

What Witness Information Do You Need?

If you’re involved in a truck accident, do your best to obtain the contact information for any potential witnesses. Do not assume that a responding police officer will do that. That officer is most worried about investigating the incident, ensuring the safety of the public, and ultimately, clearing the roadway. While many police officers still do an excellent job of recording that necessary information, you should make sure to do so yourself.

Be sure to at least gather the names and the best way to contact any witnesses at the scene. Your phone provides you with several options to record that information or it doesn’t hurt to carry a pen and some paper in your car, just in case.

The testimony of an eyewitness can often make or break your claim.

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