Pandemic Coincides with Dramatic Surge in Deadly Crashes

As the United States does its best to weather the Omicron surge, statistics indicate that we are dealing with another pandemic: a dramatic increase in drivers operating vehicles recklessly whether it be speeding or drunk driving.

The United States suffers twice as many auto-related deaths per capita as any other developed nation. National statistics suggest a 7 percent increase in auto-related deaths from 2019 to 2020. In fact, 38,680 were recorded in 2020. In 2021, roadway deaths jumped 18 percent, the largest six-month increase since the federal government began tracking fatal crashes in 1975.

Since returning to the roadways more regularly in 2020, fewer drivers report wearing their seatbelts while also using their cell phones while driving more often. A huge increase in alcohol sales nationally during the pandemic has gone hand in hand with an increase in drivers operating their vehicles under the influence.

Some psychologists have suggested that reckless driving has become an outlet for the restricted and relatively boring lives that the pandemic has caused. Others note a rise in hostility towards numerous aspects of our everyday lives and a corresponding disrespect for social responsibility.

Many traffic experts agree that the simplest solution would be to make drivers slow down. And yet, many states have encountered pushback when attempting to do exactly that. More than 20 state traffic-safety bills were proposed but stalled in the last two years. Meanwhile, several states have increased their maximum speed limits. In short, many statehouses appear to value motorists’ freedom instead of their lives.

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