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My Family Member was Injured in a Nursing Home

When you place a family member in a nursing home, you trust that your loved one will be provided with proper care. After all, that’s the purpose of placing them in such a specialized facility in the first place. Despite that expectation, alarming injuries can occur under the supervision of nursing home staff.  Facilities and their staff can place more emphasis on profit over the quality of care and overworked staff and understaffed teams can cause neglect, for instance.

Injuries at nursing homes can result from slip and falls, wandering and elopement, and choking and strangulation, for example. Bruising and bed sores can be signs of mistreatment and negligence on the nursing home’s behalf.  Your loved one may exhibit apparent changes in diet and appetite, unexplained weight loss, or a withdrawn demeanor.  Overmedication, incomplete dosing, and dehydration can also occur.  Many injuries occur despite being preventable.

If your family member or loved one has experienced an injury while under the care of a nursing home, it’s important that the situation is properly handled and that your loved one’s needs are addressed. If the nursing home is in any way at fault for the incident, it may be responsible for damages and additional needs.

A Nursing Home’s Responsibility to Prevent Injuries

Both federal and Ohio law sets forth numerous safety regulations for nursing homes.

In general, nursing homes are expected to keep their facility safe and free from hazards. Equipment should be properly maintained and kept in working order. Patients of the nursing home are to be supervised under capable staff and management.

Despite these responsibilities, nursing homes sometimes fail to meet the necessary safety and treatment standards governing them. These omissions can lead to the injury and even death of a loved one.

It isn’t always easy to prove the nursing home is at fault in the case of an accident. Nursing homes are wary to admit negligence on their part and will be quick to defend themselves.

That’s why if you’ve had a family member or loved one suffer an injury in a nursing home, you should contact a legal advisor right away. An attorney that’s experienced in injury cases knows what care facilities should provide and can help you get the compensation your family member is owed.

If you believe that your family member has been injured due to a lack of proper care from a nursing home, don’t wait. Contact a legal professional immediately. For a nursing home abuse lawyer in Hamilton, Ohio and the surrounding community, contact the Richards Firm today.

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