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Motorcycle Passenger Safety

Whether you are driving a motorcycle with a passenger or a motorcycle passenger yourself, passenger safety should be a chief concern. It is both the responsibility of the driver and passenger of a motorcycle to take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe ride for everyone on the road. 

Motorcycle Driver Responsibilities

A motorcycle rider should have enough motorcycle driving experience to handle the extra challenges of transporting a passenger before they invite a passenger to ride. 

There are several things to keep in mind when transporting a passenger. There will be physical demands of having a second person on your bike if only based upon the additional weight of your passenger. Your motorcycle may require adjustments including tire pressure and suspensions. Check your manual to ensure your motorcycle can handle the additional weight of a passenger. 

Keep in mind your motorcycle will behave differently with a passenger on board. You will need more power to accelerate, and it will take longer to stop or slow down. It may feel different as you turn or navigate curves in the road, sometimes this can make the bike hard to handle. 

All of these will require adjustments in your riding technique. Remember, by carrying a passenger, you are taking on the responsibility for the life and safety of another human being.

You should plan to coach your passenger in how they should get on and off the bike, where to put their feet, and how to hold on safely. You should also instruct your passenger on how to lean into the turns to avoid accidents. 

Always be communicating with your passenger before and during a ride. 

Motorcycle Passenger Responsibilities

If you are planning on going for a motorcycle ride as a passenger, you have a lot of responsibility for ensuring a safe ride. If you have any questions before you ride, be sure to ask your driver. Don’t hesitate to question your driver’s experience on a bike. You should feel safe with a driver and choose to get on a bike as a passenger. 

If you decide to go for the ride, pay close attention to the instructions and follow them. Make sure you understand everything, from how to move your body during various parts of the ride to how to communicate during the ride. And be sure to hold on to the rider’s waist. Your safety will depend on it.

As a passenger, you should always wear appropriate safety gear. At the bare minimum, you should wear a helmet and eye protection. 

Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident as a driver or a passenger you should speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer near Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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