Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer? Consider This…

It isn’t always clear or obvious whether you need a personal injury lawyer following an accident. You may be questioning who was a fault, the extent of your injuries, or the losses you incurred. We know many people are hesitant to “get a lawyer” when they are injured, but in many cases, it is in your best interest to speak with a personal injury lawyer. 

At The Richards Firm, we offer no obligation, free consultations to go over the details of the incident that caused your injury and help you decide the best course of action. If you have been injured in a car accident, truck accident, slip and fall, dog attack or some other incident and you are not sure whether you should contact a lawyer, consider the following:

Was Your Accident the Result of Negligence?

On one hand, many accidents are truly unavoidable and happen through no fault of anyone. On the other hand, many other accidents result from negligence. Negligence could look like texting while driving, administering the wrong medication, or failing to clean up a spill, for instance.  If someone else’s negligence caused your accident, that party may be responsible for your injuries and other losses.

Negligence must be proven in order to receive damages in a personal injury claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Hamilton, Ohio will be able to gather the right evidence to help you prove a claim. 

Slip and Fall Accidents Cincinnati & Hamilton, Ohio

Are Your Injuries Getting Worse?

Injured people may not always realize it right away. What seems like a sore back could turn into an ongoing injury over time. Lingering injuries or worsening symptoms could indicate that you have suffered an injury more serious than you thought. If you haven’t yet, seek medical care as soon as possible following an incident. That way you can ensure that you receive the proper care for hopefully returning to full health while also documenting your injuries. 

Are You Missing Work?

If you are having to miss work as a result of your injury or could potentially never be able to return to work, then you should contact a personal injury lawyer. Whether you are missing a few days/weeks of wages or years of wages, the financial impact can be significant. You could be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, and a personal injury lawyer can help you prove that claim. 

Are You Overwhelmed?

We know dealing with an injury is tough in and of itself. Adding in financial stress and incessant phone calls about ongoing insurance claims doesn’t help. We know that can feel overwhelming. At The Richards Firm, we strive to take the burden off you and carry the weight of that throughout the legal process. We will walk you through every step of a claim from pre-suit to trial, if necessary, and will ultimately help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. 

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