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Demystifying the Personal Injury Process- Part 3: You Control Your Claim

Today, we continue our series where we answer recurring questions we’ve heard over the years. Make sure to check out our previous posts on contingent attorney fees and choosing medical care.

We have heard from our clients on plenty of occasions that insurance adjusters try to convince them that they can only seek certain types of medical treatment, undergo a finite period of medical treatment, that their case is only worth some low, often offensive amount, and any number of other points that may not have your welfare entirely in mind.

Insurance companies rely on their adjusters to settle claims by any means necessary. In fact, those adjusters are at times incentivized to improve their settlement conversion rate. An insurance adjuster doing his or her job is not necessarily some sort of evildoer, but that adjuster is certainly not on your side.

As explained in our previous blog regarding medical treatment, you have every right to choose your medical doctors and should rely solely on their advice throughout your treatment.

When you are unrepresented, adjusters will continue to contact you and may attempt to persuade you that your medical treatment is not necessary or is somehow excessive. Here is the catch: the majority of insurance adjusters are not trained medical professionals.  The majority of attorneys are also not trained medical professionals, which is why your medical providers and their advice based upon their education, training, and experience in providing care is so crucial to your well-being.

Contrary to what an insurance adjuster may claim, injured people heal at different rates.  In personal injury claims, each person’s injuries are very different from the next person’s even when similar injuries to the same areas of the body are involved for a variety of reasons. You should follow the advice of your treating doctors, comply with their treatment plans, and avoid gaps in that treatment.

Let Us Help You Take Control of Your Claim

We are always available to discuss your personal injury claim. If you want to avoid continual phone calls from adjusters with opinions about your doctors and medical treatment, hire The Richards Firm today.

At The Richards Firm, we regularly accept and win those tough cases that other attorneys shy away from. We also take the burden of incessant phone calls from adjusters off our clients.  Most importantly, we fight for your rights in our role as your one true advocate.

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