Demystifying the Personal Injury Process – Part 1: The Contingent Attorney Fee

In the coming weeks, we are going to do our best to answer some of the recurring questions that we have heard over the years in a series of blogs.

Too often, those questions begin with the attorney fee. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee in the vast majority of cases, but many people operate under the misconception that all attorneys charge by the hour in all types of cases.

Some attorneys will charge a retainer or work on an hourly rate for the services that they will render to you in some types of cases such as business disputes, divorces, or other areas of practice. When a lawyer charges a contingency fee, he or she is paid upon the completion of the services rendered, which is generally calculated as a percentage of the gain realized by the client.

In most personal injury cases, an attorney will work on a contingency fee basis. 

In a contingent fee arrangement, your lawyer agrees to accept a fixed percentage of the total recovery that is finally realized for you as the client.  The attorney fee comes out of the settlement or judgement awarded to you.  If you lose your case, you will not be required to pay for your attorney’s work.

In most contingent fee arrangements, your attorney will incur the case expenses associated with the building of your case whether that be the cost of ordering medical records and bills, hiring experts to prove your case, or court filing fees, to name a few.  During times of hardship and mounting medical bills, that arrangement can allow you to pursue your personal injury claim without racking up thousands of dollars in expenses.

In fact, the contingency fee arrangement may be the only way you or your family can afford to hire a competent lawyer to pursue your rights.

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