Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

Unfortunately, car accidents happen. If we could eliminate car accidents, we would.  1,153 people died in car accidents in the state of Ohio alone in 2019. Of course, we all wish that we could eliminate that loss of life.  

We can work together to reduce this number greatly. Some vehicle accidents are out of the control of the driver and truly are accidents while others are due to negligent driving that could have been avoided.

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Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents

Road Conditions

The condition of the road that you drive on can have a huge effect on your ability to control a vehicle and your risk of either causing or being involved in an accident. When roads are covered in rain, puddles, ice, or snow, your tires may not maintain their grip on the road. Loss of grip can send you sliding across the road and into other cars in the blink of an eye.

You should always be aware of the conditions you are driving in. Don’t take extra risk if you don’t have to when the roads are especially treacherous. Choose to stay home instead. When you are driving, adjust your speed and other controllable factors according to the conditions of the road. Slow down, allow more space between vehicles, put the phone down, turn off the radio, and pay attention. As we all know but may not want to admit, that special program on the satellite radio will likely air again and that latest in a string of texts from your long time friend can wait.   

Distracted Driving

In the world of smartphones and satellite radios, distracted driving has become the number one cause of vehicle accidents. Any time you choose to focus on anything other than the roadway in front of you, you are putting yourself and others at risk of a crash and serious injury. You should make a concerted effort to concentrate on the vehicles around you and the roadway beneath you to increase your odds of arriving home safely.


Speeding is the second leading cause of vehicle accidents in America. An accident that involves a speeding car is also more likely to be fatal. 

Many drivers have grown accustomed to speeding on a regular basis. Speeding is not only illegal, but also dramatically increases the likelihood of a vehicle losing control.  A speeding vehicle is also more difficult to bring to a stop after a collision. 

The text, phone call, or cheeseburger can all wait until you safely arrive at your destination. 

Drunk Driving

We all assume that this is a no brainer. We all know you should never drive while under the influence, yet it happens every day. All 50 states have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit. The effects of alcohol consumption vary from person to person. We will make this simple.  You should never get behind the wheel after any amount of alcohol. 

Drunk driving accidents are completely preventable which is what makes them so devastating. In an age of Uber/Lyft and so many other transportation options, you really do not have an excuse to risk your safety or that of other motorists..  

Need a Vehicle Accident Attorney? 

While some car accidents happen due to factors out of the driver’s control, many car accidents happen due to negligence. 

If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver, The Richards Firm can help you receive compensation for your injuries and damages. We will help you hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions. Contact The Richards Firm today for a vehicle accident attorney in Hamilton, Ohio .