What You Should and Shouldn’t do After an Injury

Most people would agree that dealing with insurance companies in any manner is less than enjoyable. Talking to robots, long hold times, and strict policies designed to save them money means the odds aren’t usually in your favor. 

When you experience a personal injury, the unfortunate truth is that any insurance company will care less about your well-being or compensating you fully and more about protecting their profit. 

The steps you take after an injury caused by another’s negligence or omission can significantly affect your personal injury claim, and ultimately the compensation you receive to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and other damages. 

What You SHOULD Do After a Personal Injury

  • Contact the proper authorities- They will investigate whatever incident, crash, or other situation that led to your injuries.  In a vehicle or truck accident, be sure to take pictures of the property damage to the vehicles involved as well as the scene.
  • Consult with a personal injury lawyer in Cincinnati– an attorney will determine if you need representation regarding your claim. 
  • Seek Medical Attention- Be sure to tell your medical providers about every injury and the effects of that injury on you and follow all their directions.
  • Keep a record- Consider keeping a diary annotating the pain and limitations you experience due to injuries. 

What You SHOULDN’T Do After a Personal Injury

  • Share on Social Media- Avoid discussing the incident or collision, your injuries, and any ongoing treatment on any social or professional media sites or applications.
  • Make recorded statements- Do not provide any recorded statements to any insurance companies unless you have sought legal counsel and decided that making a statement is necessary. 
  • Skip medical treatment- Do not allow there to be gaps in time between medical treatments or doctor visits. 

Having a personal injury lawyer in your corner is a good idea when dealing with a personal injury claim. The Richards Firm won’t let you be bullied by big insurance companies and will stand up for what you deserve. 

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