What You Need to Know About Liability And Children’s Products

If there is one area in our lives where safety means everything, it’s when it pertains to our children. As parents, we might engage in risky behavior, ride a bike without a helmet or use a product differently than its intended. But when it comes to the safety of our children, most parents follow rules, guidelines, and operating procedures to a “T” when interacting with any sort of children’s product.

It’s a good thing too because children are much more at risk to be injured by a product than any other age demographic. According to CPSC in 2019 there were an estimated 60,000 emergency department visits resulting from use of nursery-related products. This number seems to remain consistent year after year.

Companies that design, manufacture, and sell children’s products, are also companies that have the hardest time getting their products insured. Bringing children’s products to the market, whether it’s nursery items, small toys, or larger activities, introduces a unique set of challenges that many other businesses and products do not face.

Even with the highest of safety standards in place, we still see children injured when using products that are designed especially for them. Much like most parents may feel, we also wish this wasn’t the case and we could eliminate this from happening. But kids will be kids.

We will never be able to fully stop them from exploring their surroundings, climbing on toys, running too fast, or putting items in their mouth.

What we can address, however, is when products don’t follow the highest safety standards and injury occurs as a result of a product’s deficiencies in proper safety warnings, directions of use, age limits, etc.

When your child is hurt due to negligence of a toy or nursery related product, you may have a viable product liability lawsuit. Chances are your child’s injury will cost you financially in medical bills and emotionally as a parent worried about that child’s well being.

One of the most important roles you can play as a parent who had a child injured by a children’s product is to hold whoever may be responsible accountable. This accountability could prevent other children from getting hurt, raise safety standards for manufacturing companies, and ultimately save lives.

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