What You Need to Know About Insurance Settlements After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are usually complex and multifaceted events. These accidents are traumatic and emotional for everyone involved, not the least of which is the injured victim. 

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident, you could benefit from contacting a truck accident lawyer near Hamilton, Ohio. To obtain the damages you deserve, you will need a truck accident lawyer to help gather and evaluate evidence, prove liability, and help you build your case. 

Most trucking companies have insurance company representatives, attorneys, and even experts standing by anytime a truck accident occurs. And you can bet that any adjuster is hoping to negotiate an early settlement with truck accident victims for far less than a claim may be worth. 

Without a truck accident lawyer, many victims take the early settlement and more often than not walk away with less than they deserve for their injuries and losses. 

Things to Look Out For When Dealing With Insurance Companies

In his book released in 2010, Rutgers law professor, Jay Feinman, outlined the 3 tactics insurance companies use to deny insurance claims and maximize profits: Delay, Deny, Defend. While those tactics may be used by an insurance company in handling any personal claim, here are some ways it applies in a truck accident case:

Delay- When working with valid personal injury claims, a trucking company may decide to take their time in addressing your claim. They may hope that the emotion behind the claim will fizzle and the victim will accept lower settlements in an effort to be done with the process. They also may blame victims for sending in incorrect paperwork or other errors to lengthen the process. If that happens, the victim may become fed up and want to put the claim behind him or her.

Defend- Trucking insurers will often intimidate victims with the threat of defending their case in court. Many victims grow fearful of going up against a big company in court and will take a lower settlement to avoid that reality. An experienced truck accident lawyer can see this tactic and is more than capable of prosecuting your case against a big trucking company in court should it come to that. 

Deny- Insurance company agents will do anything in their power to deny a truck accident claim. It is their job to minimize payouts as much as possible. They will cite anything they can no matter how outlandish to justify denying a claim.  Like the other tactics, the hope is that a denial will discourage you from pursuing the claim and protecting your rights.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Your best defense when going up against a trucking insurance company is to go on the offense by hiring a truck accident lawyer in Hamilton Ohio. At The Richards Firm, we have experience working with all kinds of insurance companies on a number of different personal injury matters. We can see right through the tactics they use to minimize your settlement and can advise you on the best way to move forward and ensure you recover the damages to which you are entitled. 

Before you ever talk with a trucking insurance company after a truck accident, call The Richards Firm. 

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