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Tips for Talking With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Purchasing automobile insurance is incredibly important when you own and drive a car. In Ohio and Kentucky, automobile insurance is required by law. When you are involved in a car accident, your car insurance can be beneficial in covering costs and expenses ranging from property damage to medical bills. If you cause an accident, your automobile insurance can protect you from paying for damages out of your own pocket.

If you have been injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, it is a good idea to contact a vehicle accident attorney near Hamilton Ohio to receive guidance in navigating the claims process with insurance companies to be sure you receive the compensation you are due. 

The Richards Firm is experienced in working with insurance companies following vehicle accidents. Here are a few of our tips for dealing with insurance companies:

When an insurance company calls you… 

If the insurance company of the other driver contacts you, you are not required to speak with them. In fact, we advise you not to. Instead, refer them to your lawyer. 

If you do decide to speak with them, be careful. Every insurance claims adjuster’s goal is to minimize the value of your claim. 

Follow these best practices when speaking with an insurance company:

  • Don’t comment on your injuries
  • Only answer the questions asked. Do not volunteer information.
  • Do not agree to have your statement recorded
  • Stick to the facts: Avoid giving an opinion about anything.
  • Write down the adjuster’s name and information for future reference.
  • Do not guess answers: If you do not know the answer to a question, simply say so.
  • Take notes during the conversation. Keep track of the questions and answers you provide.
  • Be honest

Vehicle Accident Attorney Cincinnati & Hamilton, Ohio

Do You Need a Vehicle Accident Attorney?

Insurance companies may try to convince you that a lawyer is not necessary or will only complicate things. Know that this is a tactic used for their best interest in hopes that you will settle your claims for less. Utilizing a vehicle accident Attorney near Hamilton Ohio like Rhys Richards will ensure you won’t be taken advantage of and actually receive the total compensation you deserve. 

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