The Changing Practice of Law in Covid-19

When the pandemic first began, a number of courts, law firms, judges, and attorneys had no clue how they would cope with the changes necessary to practice within that world. As we close on a one-year anniversary of this unfortunate time, some of those same people have risen to the challenge.

Judges and lawyers in general tend to be somewhat averse to change. In that way, they are probably no different than people in general. That being said, the notion of a deposition or mediation by Zoom was a foreign concept to many just a few short months ago. Now, they are commonplace. In fact, some courts and firms have fully embraced this new method, and they may never go back to the in-person version.

While some may prefer to handle formal aspects of the litigation process in person, many are learning that a virtual (and therefore more pandemic-approved) approach can save on travel and time, a change which benefits both practitioner and client.

The in-person conference at the court house may become a thing of the past that current attorneys tell their children about with a tear in their eye, but a number of courts have allowed telephonic conferences for years. While these virtual methods might take away some of the personal nature of sitting across from someone, the legal profession has continued to show that it can be done.

Like in any industry, only time will tell what happens. It may be that the aftermath of the pandemic results in a different, yet ultimately improved practice of law.

Whatever happens, The Richards Firm has your safety and convenience in mind. We provide service to you in any number of virtual ways, and we are open to any means you might suggest. If you do prefer to have in-person meeting, we can do so with masks while providing safe distancing.

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