Risk of Teen Drivers

Whenever you are new and inexperienced at something, you’ll inherently have a greater chance of making mistakes or errors. In most cases, there is grace for mistakes when learning something new. When it comes to driving, however, there isn’t much room to make mistakes.. A mistake on the road can have detrimental consequences. 

Teen drivers cost more to insure for a reason. They are inexperienced and ultimately more likely to make a mistake that can result in a vehicle accident and potential injuries. 

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, young drivers made up 5.1 percent of the licensed population in 2020, but they were involved in 8.5 percent of fatal vehicle accidents. 1,185 young drivers died in traffic accidents in 2020.

Why does this happen? What makes this population susceptible to more vehicle accidents? And what can we do about it?

If you are a parent or guardian of a young driver, it’s important to not only help them practice their skills on the road extensively and make sure the young driver is studying the traffic laws in depth but take the time to talk with them about all the tempting distractions that may come their way. We have accumulated a list of the most common causes of teen driver car accidents to help you.

Lack of Experience

As we mentioned before, there is room for error in many cases when learning something new. With the size of the vehicles involved, that really cannot apply to driving, yet mistakes happen. Inexperience on the road can lead to a lack of being able to act quickly and confidently. Inexperienced drivers may not recognize when a road is wet or icy or notice traffic stopped ahead and react accordingly. Generally, inexperience on the road also means less experience with interpreting potential hazards and assessing dangers. 


We are all at risk of distracted driving if we aren’t careful. Young drivers are more likely to drive with friends or have a full or noisy car, which can distract the driver. Teen drivers, like so many other drivers, use their phones while driving, whether it be for texting, talking, or even social media use. 

Any distraction behind the wheel can take your attention away from the road. Even a momentary lapse of concentration can have devastating consequences

Impaired Driving

Again, driving impaired isn’t a problem that is exclusive to teen drivers. Anyone who drives impaired is at risk of having a hard time reacting to the conditions of the road in an appropriate manner. The two biggest contributors to impaired drivers among teens are alcohol and marijuana. 

Researchers who conducted a 2020 survey that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that teens generally believe that driving while under the influence of marijuana is less dangerous than driving after drinking alcohol. According to the results of the study, nearly 50 percent of young drivers said they drive after using marijuana.

Reckless Driving

In many areas of life, teens are more likely to take risks than older populations. We see this to be true in their driving habits as well. Teens may try to show off in front of friends, which can lead to increased incidents of speeding, dangerous lane changes, tailgating, and more.

Night Driving

The lifestyle of many teens means they are more likely to be driving at night than the older population. Any risks listed above will be magnified after the sun goes down. With less visibility at night, all drivers can become more susceptible to vehicle crashes.  

Car Accident Lawyer in Hamilton, Ohio

Whether the negligent party in an automobile accident is a teenager or an adult, the injury victim may have to take legal action to obtain the full and fair compensation to which he or she is entitled.

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