Products Liability

We use mass-produced products all the time in our everyday lives to make various tasks easier to complete.  Many of us drive to work in a mass-produced vehicle.  We communicate on mass-produced cell phones and computers.  We purchase our coffees from large chain restaurants and shops that mass-produce the products they sell to us.  The list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, products can be defective, harmful, and dangerous.  But for the work of product liability attorneys, the Pinto would never have been exposed for the extremely dangerous vehicle that it was, McDonald’s would never have been caught intentionally selling its coffee at an extraordinarily dangerous temperature such that it could burn through a person’s pants when spilled, and, more recently, thousands of us would not have known to have our Takata airbags replaced to defuse a defective and dangerous situation.  The ongoing opioid crises has exposed several companies who were involved in the sale of medications known to be highly addictive. 

Companies who design and manufacture goods have a responsibility to consumers like us to ensure that their goods and services meet established principles of safety and quality in their industries and in society in general.  Those same companies are legally obligated to confirm that their products are designed correctly, that they have passed quality control testing, that no defective, harmful, or dangerous condition enters the market, and that necessary warning labels are obvious and easy to locate and understand. 

The Richards Firm remains committed to helping injured people bring claims against companies that produce products that injure or kill people.  The Richards Firm will work tirelessly to identify design or manufacturing defects and/or failures to warn or instruct of a product’s intended function, manner of use, or inherent risks. 

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