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Overcoming Bias Against Motorcycle Riders

Television, movies, marketing, and more have often depicted a very specific image of motorcycle riders. Rarely in movies, tv, or commercials will you see motorcycle riders peacefully enjoying a ride through the picturesque landscapes, looking clean-cut and professional, wearing all the best safety gear, and enjoying the freedom of the open road. 

Instead, you often see rough, dirty motorcyclists and motorcycles, swerving through traffic, with minimal safety gear, and reckless riders. 

Unfortunately, if you are ever in a motorcycle accident this image of motorcycle drivers may influence the responding police, insurance adjusters, judges, jurors, or anyone else involved in your case. This bias or sometimes negative view of motorcyclists can be detrimental and must be combated when you are the victim of a motorcycle accident. 

At The Richards Firm, we are aware of the bias against motorcyclists and work hard to overcome it for every motorcycle accident victim we have the pleasure of representing. In fact, motorcyclists tend to be among the best and safest drivers we represent, which is something we want the rest of the world to realize.  

Let’s go over a few of the assumptions we actively may need to work to overcome in a motorcycle accident case. 

Motorcycles Are Inherently Dangerous

Many people assume that motorcycles in and of themselves are inherently dangerous, thus when there is an accident with a motorcycle those people may assume that the motorcyclist is automatically at fault. A motorcycle and passenger vehicle can be equally dangerous when involved in a crash. The danger does not lie within the vehicle or on the motorcycle but with the driving practices of the drivers. As with all vehicles, a bad driver who negligently operates the vehicle can cause a collision whether that vehicle has two or four wheels. 

Motorcycles Are Difficult to See

Many people believe that the smaller size of motorcycles makes them more difficult to cause more accidents. While the size does vary, safe driving practices should allow other motorists to see a motorcycle in the rear and side view mirrors, in the same way, a bigger vehicle would be seen. 

If a driver changes lanes and causes an accident because they did not see the motorcycle in their mirror, then it is just as likely that they did not properly look before changing lanes. The failure of motorists to see and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the main cause of motorcycle accidents. All motorists should practice basic safe driving to diminish the possibility of any accident, including one with a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists Drive Too Fast

Motorcycles can and do operate at the same speed as any other vehicle on the road. Motorcyclists must adhere to the same speed limits. Motorcyclists who exceed speed limits and drive dangerously are few and far between but have given a poor image in the minds of others. 

The truth is most accidents involving motorcycles happen at much lower speeds. The average speed of a motorcycle before being involved in an accident is 29.8 mph and 21.5 mph at the moment of impact.

Motorcyclists Assume The Risk

Like other motorists, no motorcyclist is expected to assume that they are going to be involved in an accident. Much like the driver of a passenger vehicle, motorcyclists in the lawful use of the roadway may assume that other drivers on the road are also going to be careful and not drive negligently or recklessly.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

As a motorcycle accident lawyer near Cincinnati, The Richards Firm is actively working to overcome bias against motorcyclists, in claims negotiations and the courtroom. We work hard to ensure motorcyclists receive the recoveries they are due despite any implicit bias. 

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