The Importance of Obtaining Witness Contact Information After an Accident

In Southwestern Ohio, our juries really appreciate confirmation of our clients’ version of events. In the context of injuries, for instance, a juror is more likely to empathize with our clients’ explanation of the pain they were feeling at a particular time after a collision if that complaint was recorded in the corresponding medical records.   

In the same way, witnesses can be crucial. We certainly have handled cases where our clients indicate that someone witnessed the collision, but they failed to get their contact information. Without the name, address, and phone number of the person who was at the scene, a jury may have a difficult time believing your version of events.   

Witnesses become especially important when another driver changes his or her story after the fact, turning things into a he said, she said type of situation.  In some cases, both parties to a collision genuinely believe what they saw, even if both stories cannot be true simultaneously.  

That’s why a witness can be so critical. They provide strong, unbiased evidence.  

In the case of hit and runs, witnesses can help you prove your claim to your own insurance company. When an injury occurs on a job site or at a commercial establishment, a witness can help identify other potential defendants who may be responsible for your injuries. 

Getting the Necessary Information 

If you’re involved in an accident, do your best to obtain the contact information for any potential witnesses.  Do not assume that a responding police officer will do that.  That officer is most worried about investigating the incident, ensuring the safety of the public, andin the context of a collision, clearing the roadway.  While many police officers still do an excellent job of recording that necessary information, you should make sure to do so yourself. 

With ever changing technology, your phone provides you with several options to record that information.  At the risk of sounding too old school, it doesn’t hurt to carry a pen and some paper in your car, just in case. However you go about doing it, make sure to connect with any witnesses in the area and copy down a way to contact them in the future. 

The testimony of an eyewitness can often make or break your claim.  

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