Most Common Injuries Sustained in a Nursing Home

Some nursing homes just don’t meet the standard of care expected for aging loved ones. We believe elders should have the opportunity to live in a facility where they feel respected, dignified, and provided with great care. 

Elders are vulnerable for many reasons. They are more likely to be cognitively impaired, disabled, and take much longer to heal from injuries. As a result, when elderly people sustain injuries from poor nursing home care, the effects on their health can be catastrophic and can even cause death.

Whether they happen as a result of poor care or simply by accident, injuries in nursing homes are common. If you have a loved one who is injured, be sure to do any necessary follow-up to ensure they are being treated properly. 

Below we have gathered a list of the 5 most common injuries sustained in nursing homes. 


Falls can be a major problem in nursing homes. It can be scary for elder patients when they fall and often lead to injury or fear of falling again. Either way, limitations are usually extensive after a fall. A fall can be merely an unfortunate accident but it can also be a result of negligence. Nursing home falls with the following circumstances could be a sign of negligence:

  • Environmental hazards
  • Unsafe equipment
  • Unsafe personal care items


Bedsores can develop as a result of a person staying in one position too long. They most commonly form on tailbones, hips, ankles, and heels. Elderly patients with limited mobility or mental faculties may need help moving on a regular basis in order to prevent bedsores. If this help isn’t given, that could constitute negligence. 

Medication errors

Many nursing home residents are taking some sort of medication. With many residents and multiple medications to keep track of, medication errors can happen. When nursing home staff fail to follow pharmaceutical directives, it can be dangerous for patients who suffer as a result. 


Approximately 400,000 nursing home residents lose their lives as a result of infection each year. Today, the most common infections include:

  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Skin infections
  • UTI’s 

Nursing home staff should be aware of their patient’s health conditions and do everything possible to prevent infections. 

Broken Bones

As people age, bones become weaker and more brittle. For this reason, elderly patients require gentle care and extra assistance. When the proper care or help is not  provided, elders are much more likely to be injured even performing basic everyday activities. 

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If your loved one has suffered injuries at a nursing home, they could be due to negligent care. Your first step should be contacting The Richards Firm as your nursing home abuse lawyer near Hamilton, Ohio. We will help you get to the bottom of what caused your loved one’s injury and help you move forward with a well-reasoned plan. 

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