A Long Road Ahead – Ohio’s Small Businesses and COVID-19

During the pandemic, so many small businesses in Ohio have been dramatically affected, with some of them closing for good.  Many more businesses have had to adapt in these strange times and may not find themselves going back to the way they used to conduct businesses once the dust finally settles. Some have weathered providing limited hours. The businesses that have survived have negotiated masking and other recommended practices that have evolved throughout this time frame in order to keep themselves and their customers safe.

It seems as if restaurants and bars have been hit especially hard by the pandemic- perhaps harder than any other industry- for numerous reasons.  At the outset of the pandemic, Ohio boasted over 23,000 dining locations.[i] During the pandemic, Governor Mike DeWine closed dine-in services, issued earlier last-call restrictions, and required other statewide curfews. Additionally, seating capacities were reduced due to social distancing, masking, and other CDC guidelines. Per the Ohio Restaurant Association, an estimated 4,600 Ohio restaurants, approximately 20 percent, have closed temporarily or for good due to the strain of the pandemic and the hardships it has brought.

Hamilton, Ohio is no exception.

High Street Café and Basil 1791, two of The Richard Firm’s immediate neighbors, have both reduced hours, temporarily shut down, offered carryout, addressed seating arrangements to comply with restrictions, and done everything else possible to adapt to pandemic restrictions. Those restaurants are only two samples of the downtown Hamilton scene.  All of our restaurants have been affected in some way.

Downtown Hamilton is surrounded by various art installations, green spaces, and restaurants that offer inhabitants, as well as visitors, the unique chance to enjoy a rich cultural experience created by the fusion of various different groups. Despite the obstacles placed by the pandemic, Hamilton, Ohio is continuing to develop culturally, and there is no doubt that many of the businesses that surround The Richards Firm have taken these unique challenges in stride.

Making a Way Forward

The legal industry is not always particularly interesting-or appealing- to most people. We say that tongue in cheek. We get it. Attorneys have a stereotype of being boring, or argumentative, or just folks you do not want to ever need. The Richards Firm, like other firms, has adapted and changed as needed throughout this pandemic. While The Richards Firm has always been dedicated to giving you a personalized legal experience, our dedication has not ceased in the face of this pandemic, and we are still happy to help you receive the justice you deserve as you navigate challenges, new and old, in the face of an ever-changing world.

As so many businesses in numerous industries have learned, The Richards Firm believes that flexibility and a willingness to adapt remain key. Whether something as simple as holding a telephone conference for an issue that perhaps used to necessitate in an in-person meeting or something born out of COVID- like using Zoom for meetings with clients, depositions, and mediations, The Richards Firm has learned to provide its local, personal, and trusted services in different ways for the benefit and protection of our clients.

That is important to us. Our clients know who they are dealing with on the other end of that telephone line or who they are warning when the video or audio feed cut in and out on Zoom on occasion as we all remain thankful for strong WI-FI connections. You have to deal with new challenges and frustrations in other areas of your life, so The Richards Firm will work to make your fight to seek justice as simple as possible in these times.

So as our neighbors get back to business as usual, we are excited to continue to utilize what we have learned to be a part of the continuing Hamilton Renaissance. Getting back to full speed as we put the pandemic in the rearview will be difficult, but we have already come a long way and we have learned a great deal.

The Richards Firm is prepared to handle all of your personal injury needs, including vehicle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, dog bites, products liability, premises liability, and nursing home negligence cases. We provide you with a proven approach that will give you the answers that you need and achieve the results to which you are entitled.

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[i] https://www.journal-news.com/news/there-is-a-long-road-ahead-what-butler-county-bars-and-restaurants-hope-for-the-future-after-a-painful-period/23HSYWNMDRFZHN5ERD7KPRPVQE/