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Large Vs. Small Law Firm

If you have been injured due to the negligence or omission of another party, you could benefit from speaking with an attorney in Hamilton, Ohio. Without the help of an attorney, you could run the risk of the at-fault party not being held accountable or miss out on damages you could be owed. 

No matter how straightforward an accident may seem or how confident you are your needs will be addressed, sadly this won’t always be the case when working with at-fault parties and insurance companies. 

Having an attorney on your side not only shows these other parties that you mean business, but an attorney provides vital guidance through the complexities of our legal system. Simply stated, if you wish to receive the full amount that you are entitled to, you should have an experienced personal injury attorney by your side.

But WHO do you hire?

You’ve likely seen advertisements and billboards for personal injury firms. Those firms spend a significant amount of money on marketing. They will claim they can achieve a satisfactory result for you, but the approach is likely different than you may find with another attorney or law firm  not using that business model.

The Downside of Large Law Firms

The attorneys at larger firms certainly know the laws involving personal injury. However, there’s a good chance you may not actually interact with them. Those firms may have teams of attorneys and legal assistants who deal with clients at various steps of the legal process, including pre-suit and the litigation process.  Some firms need to sign as many cases as possible to afford the larger overhead that comes with advertising and personnel.

With that approach, you may not receive the personal care or comfort you deserve. You may only deal with legal assistants, who may be capable but ultimately aren’t the attorney you hired.

The Benefits of a Small Injury Firm

Small firms tend to bring on fewer clients at a time, which allows them to provide those clients with more attention. While there are likely exceptions out there, you can almost always expect to sit down and share your situation directly with your attorney at a smaller firm. From there, they will walk with you through the process step by step.

That’s how we handle things at The Richards Firm.

With The Richards Firm, you can expect your needs to be our top priority. We exist to make the legal system more accessible to those who have been injured or suffered from a wrongful death. Whatever your situation, we’re here to discuss your options. Your initial consultation is completely free.  We will provide the personalized care that you deserve and representation specifically tailored to your case.

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