Is Your Employer Responsible for Your Injuries?

You expect your employer to provide a safe, secure work environment. When injuries arise due to their actions or omissions, it can put you in a difficult position. Not only might you be temporarily unable to work, but also you may make claims against your employer for your injuries and necessary medical treatment.  

It’s important to know that no matter where you work or what you do, your employer is responsible for providing a reasonably safe and healthy work environment. If you are injured because your employer fails to do this, the responsibility falls on them. If you are in the course and scope of your employment and are injured for reasons outside of the control of your employer, your employer may still be responsible to provide coverage to you. 

If you’ve been injured while working, you have the right to file for workers’ compensation. In the state of Ohio, employers with one or more employees are required to have workers’ compensation coverage. 

You Need to Act Quickly 

If you’ve suffered an injury due to work, don’t wait to see how bad it is before telling your employer. You should report your injury immediately. Some employers will require as much in employee handbooks. The longer you wait to report your injuries, the more difficult it becomes to get the medical coverage and compensation that may be available to you. 

Though there is a process to filing for workers’ compensation, don’t wait to have your medical needs taken care. Get the help you need as soon as you can. Once you’ve notified your employer and sought medical attention, it’s a good idea to speak to an attorney as well. 

An experienced injury attorney will help you understand your rights and your options. In some work-related accidents, the fault may actually be due to the negligence of a third party. In these situations, you may have a claim against the third party. Your attorney can help you determine fault, as well as what needs to be covered.  

Some people are hesitant to make claims against their employer when they plan to continue working there. It’s important to know that your employer cannot fire you because you’ve made a workers’ compensation claim against them. 

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