How a Truck Driver Shortage Can Affect The Safety of Our Roads

The trucking industry has been dealing with a shortage of drivers for years. Now, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen even greater demands for shipping and even fewer available drivers. This is a concern to all of us because overworked drivers become a safety threat to everyone on the road. 

Fewer and fewer people are taking interest in entering the trucking industry. This has more negative consequences for our society than most of us realize. But today we will focus on our road safety. How are these shortages affecting the conditions in which truckers are driving and ultimately the safety of your family on the road?

Demand is Rising While The Number of Prospective Drivers is Declining

Even though the number of truck drivers is at an all-time low, the demand for shipping and delivering products is at an all-time high. That doesn’t add up. This results in drivers having a greater number of loads to deliver, often with unrealistic deadlines. 

Companies may push drivers to work past the allotted time windows established under federal regulations to meet delivery needs. Exhausted truck drivers may be prone to making more mistakes that could be hazardous, or deadly, to other drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.

Hiring Unqualified Drivers

Like many other companies, the trucking industry is getting desperate for more workers, which can lead to hiring under-qualified drivers, failing to run proper background checks, neglecting to thoroughly review driving records, failing to verify specializations or certifications, and skimping on training.

Companies may also be more willing to overlook records of drivers who may be a liability just to get them on the road and working. Drivers who cause accidents may be kept employed out of fear that an empty position may not be filled.

Trucking Company Liability

Despite the many challenges they are facing, trucking companies have a duty to hire qualified professional drivers and properly train each one. They also must adhere to the laws set by federal regulations pertaining to hours spent driving and mandatory resting periods. 

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