Demystifying the Personal Injury Process- Part 5: Gathering Records

Today, we continue our blog series where we do our best to answer recurring questions we’ve heard over the years. To see previous posts in this series, click here.

We sometimes field phone calls from injured people who are already represented by other attorneys who complain about how long their case is taking. We want to explain our process and what can sometimes lead to delays.

After we meet with a client for the first time, we start the process of gathering records.  Those records may include the police report, including any statements, diagrams, and photos, property damage photographs from various sources, and other preliminary information to help us better understand the claim. That information is often relatively easy to procure.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our investigation is gathering medical records and bills.  While we have clients sign medical authorizations to allow us to obtain medical records and bills at the initial meeting and order those records in a timely manner, we spend a lot of our time following up on requests, sending additional requests, and sometimes tracking down the correct company who handles records and billing for a particular medical provider.

We firmly believe that medical providers are responding to our requests for records and bills as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, their records and billing departments are receiving similar requests from hundreds of other firms, companies, and individuals on a regular basis.

When a client is still undergoing treatment, we may wait to order records and bills from that medical provider so that we can save our client expense. In the past, we have run into situations where we order updated records and bills only to be charged the same amount a second time.

We pride ourselves on doing everything we can for our clients to build their cases as best as possible as efficiently as possible. That said, we are often at the mercy of other companies and entities that are outside of our control.

Building the Best Case Possible

At The Richards Firm, we always do what is best for our clients.  If that means the investigation process take a little longer to obtain all of the necessary records, then that is what may happen.  We understand that you may not have gone through a situation like this before.  Let us help you build your case correctly and give you more insight into the personal injury claims process.

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