Before You Talk to Your Insurance Company After a Motorcycle Crash

Some motorcycle accidents that lead to injury do not necessarily end up in a lawsuit. But almost all motorcycle accidents, no matter how minor or severe, involve dealing with insurance companies whether relative to a property damage claim, a bodily injury claim, or both. 

More often than not when you’re involved in a crash, one of the first things you may consider doing is to call your insurance company. An insurance company will make settlements to reimburse drivers for vehicle or motorcycle repairs, depending on who they determine is at fault. 

This system can work well when there are no injuries involved. Unfortunately, when injuries are involved, insurance companies still use the same penny-pinching tactics wherever they can. Insurance companies will rarely value claims in a fair manner. 

So what’s the best step to take when injured in a motorcycle accident? Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Cincinnati.

Why Call a Lawyer First?

When you call your insurance company to report your accident and claim, they will record your call. They should always inform you that your call is being recorded, which means you will still need to be careful with what you say. Ideally, you can give your insurance representative your lawyer’s contact info and they will speak on your behalf about the accident. 

Just like in a criminal case, anything you say can and likely will be used against you, especially when insurance companies are trying to save as much money as possible. Insurance adjusters know how to manipulate their questions to get you to say certain things that could be used against you in your claim. In your phone conversations with insurance be careful of the following:

Admitting Fault- The insurance agent may try to get you to admit the accident was your fault or at least partially your fault. 

Minimizing injuries- The insurance agent may try to get you to say you were not seriously injured.

Minimal Information- The insurance agent may try to advise you not to seek representation or additional information or evidence surrounding your accident. That may allow them to offer you less for your claim. 

Have a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Your Corner

Insurance agents are not above using dishonest tactics to pressure you into saying things you do not mean in recorded statements. For example, they might tell you that this is your only chance to give them a statement, or else you will get nothing. They might also tell you that you are required to provide that statement. Neither of these things are true.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Hamilton, Ohio and the Greater Cincinnati area, Rhys Richards is an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who won’t back down to insurance companies. To ensure you get the damages you are entitled to, contact The Richards Firm today.

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