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What to Do When Your Child is Injured

We all know kids are prone to more injuries than adults. If we were swinging on swing sets, running around with our friends, and climbing on structures in our day-to-day life we probably would get hurt more often too.

Most parents understand there is always a slight risk of injury when “kids are being kids” and engaging with the world around them. But on some occasions, an injury happens and it was more than just “kids being kids.”

When a child is hurt at daycare or any property and the injury is a result of negligence by or the omission of an adult, parents may need to take legal action. Ohio law does include some complexities such as political subdivision immunity that will need to be considered if your child was injured at public school, for instance. 

The Richards Firm can work with parents on assessing the circumstances of their child’s injury.

Types of Injuries

Children love to play, of course, but sometimes things can get way too rough, leading to a severe injury. If your child obtained one of these injuries, it is only a matter of time before the medical bills start coming in. 

  • Muscle sprains and pulls
  • Cuts and bruises 
  • Joint dislocations 
  • Broken bones 
  • Head injuries

What to do When Your Child is Injured

When you get the call that your child was injured, you may feel panic. Try your best to stay calm and keep the following in mind:

  • Find out what happened to your child. If it was a deliberate injury, they may be hesitant to say anything. Children may be fearful that whoever caused the injury will retaliate. But it will be important to calmly ask your child what happened so that you can determine your next steps.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you think your child isn’t badly hurt. There are many types of severe injuries that don’t seem to be that serious at first glance. A doctor may also be able to get a little more information as to why the injury occurred.
  • Speak to someone at the property to ask for details of the accident. Observe closely for any kinds of inconsistencies between what the employee says and what your child tells you.
  • Finally, speak with a personal injury Lawyer near Hamilton, Ohio as soon as you can. A legal representative can get to the bottom of what happened. And they’ll tell you if you have grounds to file a lawsuit.

Who is Liable?

If your child is injured, it can be hard to determine exactly who is at fault and who is responsible. Personal injury attorneys will investigate any situation fully and determine the correct parties. Regardless of who owns the property, you’ll still need an attorney on your side to have the best possible chance of achieving a positive result.

Personal Injury Lawyer, Hamilton Ohio

If your child has been injured, please reach out to the Richards Firm. We can schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and decide the best course forward. Not only do we want you to recover financially, but we want to hold responsible parties accountable and hopefully prevent injuries for other children. 

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