Safety Regulations For Truck Drivers

This may not be obvious to many, but the life of a truck driver is actually filled with many hazards and at times can come with a lot of safety concerns. Truck drivers spend long hours on the road on a daily basis and encounter all types of driving conditions and all types of poor drivers.

It takes extra training and special skills to be able to maneuver and safely drive a semi-truck with trailer. All this combines to create what can be hazardous working conditions, which may have you wondering, what safety regulations have been put into place for truck drivers?

Luckily, there are safety regulations put into place to protect both truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers and ultimately reduce the risk of commercial truck involved accidents. Most of the regulations revolve around the time drivers spend on the road and ensuring they get an adequate amount of rest.

Rest has been found as one of the key factors in preventing truck accidents so it must be a priority that truck drivers follow these regulations.

Hours of Service Guidelines

The federal government has created guidelines around how many hours a commercial driver can be on the road and how many hours qualify as enough time to rest. This will look different for different types or classes of drivers.

There are several different considerations drivers need to keep in mind when tracking their driving and resting time.

  • A rest or reset only counts legally after taking 34 consecutive hours off duty.
  • Once that reset is completed the workweek begins
  • Each duty period must begin with at least 10 hours off duty
  • Drivers cannot work more than 60 hours over seven consecutive days
  • Drivers take a mandatory 30 minute break every 8 hours
  • A duty period cannot be longer than 14 hours

These drive time and rest time regulations are for the protection of truck drivers and everyone else on the road. It is imperative that they be followed and taken seriously.

What Happens When Regulations Are Not Followed?

There are a multitude of consequences that have been put into place to discourage truck drivers or companies to go outside the guidelines that have been set.

These consequences include being shut down until drivers can obtain enough rest, fines, decreased safety rating and even criminal charges for carriers or drivers who knowingly or repeatedly violate the laws in place.

Unfortunately, one natural consequence of not following these regulations is truck accidents. These can result in serious injury and even death.

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