Pitfalls to Avoid So That You Don’t Undercut Your Case

Insurance companies are profit-driven machines that will do anything possible to pay less on a legitimate claim than they should.  Those injured as the result of others’ acts or omissions may expect to be treated fairly because they deal with others fairly.  In an ideal world, that could be true.   

In the world of personal injury, that often is the exception, not the rule.   

The choices you make after being involved in an accident can often make or break your claim. Here is a list of action steps to take and pitfalls to avoid.  This list is in no way meant to be exhaustive.   

  1. Contact the proper authorities to investigate whatever incident, crash, or other situation that led to your injuries.  If you’re involved in a crash, be sure to take pictures of the property damage to the vehicles involved as well as the scene. 
  2. Avoid discussing the incident or collision, your injuries, and any ongoing treatment on any social or professional media sites or applications. 
  3. Do not make any recorded statements to any insurance companies unless you have sought legal counsel and decided that making a statement is necessary. 
  4. Consult with a personal injury attorney to determine if you need representation regarding your claim.  
  5. Share any past accident and medical history with your attorney. 
  6. Be sure to tell your medical providers about every injury and the effects of that injury on you. 
  7. Consider keeping a diary annotating the pain and limitations that you experience due to any injuries.  Consider asking a close family member or friend to pay attention to symptoms and pain that you exhibit that you may not even know about.  
  8. Do not allow there to be gaps in time between medical treatments. 
  9. Consult with your medical providers and follow their directions.   
  10. Inform your attorney of any and all of your insurers, including private health insurance, state or federal health insurance, automobile insurance, workers’ compensation, and disability insurance, among others, as you may have to repay payments made by those entities from a future settlement or judgment. 

When choosing an attorney, it’s important to select one who is experienced in the field of personal injury. The Richards Firm is dedicated to making sure that clients consider all potential pitfalls and nuances of their claims.  While you may not need to hire a personal injury attorney to handle every claim, we are here to provide a free consultation and give you piece of mind.   

For a personal injury attorney in Hamilton, Ohio and the surrounding communities, call us today at 513-868-2731 or visit us at http://richardsinjuryfirm.com.  Follow The Richards Firm on Facebook (@TheRichardsFirm) or on Twitter (@FirmRichards).   

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