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New Technology in Car And Truck Accident Prevention

New technologies are applied continually to every area of our lives, including the automotive industry. Over the years we have equipped our vehicles with automated doors, heated seats, GPS, and much more.

In addition to all the comfort and convenience measures added to our vehicles, and really more importantly, the automotive industry has added countless safety improvements to vehicles. Yearly and with what seems like each new model, car companies are introducing new features to keep you and your family safer on the road.

The newest safety feature to come on the scene in the last year, is proving itself very effective in helping prevent accidents since going to market.

Automatic Emergency Brakes

Automatic Emergency Brakes (AEB) are being added to passenger vehicles and even being tested for application in semi-trucks. When AEB is installed in a vehicle it helps detect other vehicles, objects, animals, pedestrians, and other road hazards that the driver may not see and automatically applies the brakes to prevent collision.

These systems can help prevent rear facing accidents and front facing collisions. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) systems measure the speed of a car and the amount of space between it and any vehicle in front of it and warn the driver of a potential collision. When paired with forward collision warning AEB systems can be very effective in preventing car and truck accidents.

Both AEB and FCW safety systems have potential to be extremely valuable and effective in preventing car and truck accidents moving forward. As technology continues to advance and be utilized by more and more vehicles we could see a positive impact and hopefully a decrease in accidents.

In fact, two out of five rear-end truck crashes could be prevented by AEB technology, according to the IIHS.

These systems are effective as a majority of car and truck accidents are caused by human error behind the wheel. From speeding, to tailgating, to distracted driving choices, the leading causes of accidents on the roads relate back to underlying negligent, human choices. Now, AEB can help give drivers an extra layer of protection from making these life threatening errors.

Looking to The Future

The future of safety on the road is bright and improving day by day. We can continue to utilize technology and safe driving practices to reduce the risk and occurrence of accidents.

For now, we will continue to follow the development of these safety systems in preventing car and truck accidents, however, when accidents happen, you may need a lawyer.

We Are Here For You

At the Richards Injury Firm we are passionate about car and truck safety on the road and looking forward to accident rates decreasing. These new technologies are extremely exciting to us. If you do find yourself in need of a car or truck accident lawyer in Hamilton, Ohio we are available to represent you .

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