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Dog Bites Involving Children

Many dog bites do not require medical treatment or cause serious consequences, and for that we are grateful. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of dog attacks that end in severe injuries, trauma, and even death. Perhaps even scarier, we often see more severe dog bite injuries in children.

Children and Dog Bites

Because of both their size and weight, children can be more vulnerable when it comes to dog bites. They often suffer from more significant injuries as a result of a dog bite for the following reasons:

  • Due to their lack of height, children’s faces are often on the same level as the dog’s mouth, making it easy for them to suffer facial injuries. 
  • Children are not as strong as adults and cannot physically restrain or fight off the dog. 
  • Children have smaller limbs and hands, making it easier for dogs to get their mouths around their arms or legs. 

Dog bites can cause puncture wounds, torn ligaments or tendons, eye injuries, nerve damage, or broken bones. Injuries like these could lead to extensive medical treatment and significant medical bills that may not be completely covered by insurance. 

Oftentimes children may lack the emotional maturity to process the trauma of a dog bite or attack. They can experience severe emotional and psychological trauma, including anxiety and PTSD. A child who suffers from a dog attack could benefit from counseling or therapy, which can also be expensive. 

Do I Need a Lawyer If My Child is Bit by a Dog?

If your child has suffered an injury due to a dog bite or attack, you could be entitled to compensation for medical bills or other losses. An experienced personal injury attorney in Hamilton, Ohio will be able to help you seek these damages. 

The law around damages for dog bites can be hard to navigate. There are many things to consider including:

  • Was your child trespassing on the dog owner’s property
  • Was your child teasing or provoking the dog
  • Did the dog have a history of attack or aggressive behavior
  • Did the owner warn your child to stay away from the dog
  • Was the dog running loose or contained
  • Was the dog on its own property

The outcome of your claim depends on the facts and how the law applies to your case. At The Richards Firm, we know how the law applies and will identify the important facts to support your claim. 

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