Determining Fault After Being Injured in an Accident

Getting into a car accident is a scary ordeal, especially if you’ve been injured. Though your first priority should be to get medical attention, many find themselves immediately worrying about fault and the cost of repairs and medical treatment. When it comes to car accidents, whichever party is determined to be at fault is responsible for those expenses 

This is where things can get tricky. 

People are generally wary of admitting fault at the scene of the accident, especially if someone has been injured. In fact, many attorneys advise against admitting fault, even if it seems clear that one party caused the accident if only because all of the details may not be known at the time of the accident. Even if you think you know exactly what happened, additional evidence and witness testimony might prove otherwise. 

Determining Fault & Recovering from Injuries After an Accident 

The State of Ohio operates under a modified comparative negligence model. That means that an injured person may still be able to recover some of his or her damages even if partially to blame for the accident.  If you are deemed to be more that 50 percent responsible for the accident, you cannot recoup compensation from the other driver.  

If you believe your accident was caused due to the actions of the other party, it’s critical that you start gathering evidence to support your claim as soon as possible. If the other driver’s insurance company ends up denying your claim, the evidence that you gather could make or break your case. 

 If you’re physically capable, you should try to get contact information from eyewitnesses and take photos of the scene immediately following the accident. Additionally, you should write down every detail you remember as soon as you can. This will help ensure that you don’t forgot something important later on. 

Though you should contact your insurance company after the accident, you shouldn’t discuss fault right away. Simply give them the basic information and provide a police report when it becomes available. 

Any injuries should be tended to right away at a place of your choosing. You should listen to your medical providers’ advice when pursuing necessary medical treatment.   

Talking to a Personal Injury Attorney 

When you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s always best to speak to a lawyer sooner rather than later. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you build your case and gather evidence. Not only does an attorney have an advanced understanding of traffic laws, but that attorney will also know when and how to hire private investigators, accident reconstructionists, and other experts that may be necessary for your claim.  

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